Air Purification Company was established in 1952 with the goal of providing the highest quality products and services to our valued customers and specifying engineers. We are committed to seeking out and representing only the leading equipment manufacturers in the industry.

In a world where indoor air quality is more important than ever, AP has the expertise to work with clients to meet all of their project goals.  From industrial to light commercial projects, we offer only the best applied, commercial, and ventilation products that are guaranteed to work within project specifications.

For over 60 years we have worked closely with contractors and engineers to provide high quality products for a variety of projects, including hospitals, courthouses, research facilities, and schools, just to name a few. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of over 22 employees has but one goal in mind: to provide accurate and efficient service to our customers. Our team is made up of professional engineers, sales staff, project managers, service technicians, accountants and warehouse managers.

Even though the industry, and most of our everyday lives, is becoming more and more dependent on technology, we have never lost focus on the most important part of business— the people. While outstanding quality, cutting edge technology, and cost play an important role in success, what truly make our company successful are relationships. Air Purification Company takes pride in developing and maintaining successful relationships with customers, engineers, and the factories we represent.

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