Pottorff Dampers & Louvers Selection Tools Make Specifying Easy

Pottorff LIST Dampers & Louvers Information and Selection Tool

Pottorff dampers and louvers selection tools are easy-to-use online tools for architects and engineers to specify and order HVAC equipment from Air Purification Company.

This two-minute video shows how architects and engineers can get the most of the Pottroff LIST Louver and Selection Tool. This free, easy-to-use software tool makes the selection and specification of Pottorff product a simplified process.

Click here for the Pottorff Selection Tool.

Pottorff‘s LIST tool allows engineers and architects to select louvers based on different criteria, such as materials, blade type, airflow velocities, free area, and certification from AMCA and other regulatory agencies. To use LIST simply credit a free secure account clicking on the software tools tab. After logging in, click on new project, new model and enter all the attributes desired.

As you select criteria, your louver models will narrow, giving you the perfect model, with all specifications you need for your project plan. It also allows you to print out specs and models to share with you Air Purification representative for pricing and ordering.

Pottorff Quick Reference Tool


The Pottroff website has an interactive quick reference tool that enables engineers and architects to quickly view damper and louver models and download Product sheets (PDF), CSI specifications (Word), Installation Instructions (PDF) and Revit files (rfa). Users can click on one of five website menu tabs for Backdraft Dampers, Ceiling Radiation Dampers, Control Dampers, Fire/Smoke Dampers or Louvers. Each tab has a table view of available Pottroff products and specification columns for air velocities, controls, sizes, duct connections, fire resistance rating, leakage class, blade type, roof/floor ceiling assemblies, UL rating and other information.

About Pottorff
Pottroff sells products across the United States from two manufacturing facilities located in Los Angeles, California and Fort Worth, Texas through local representatives. To streamline our product development efforts, Pottorff features in-house testing with three state-of-the-art Acoustic, Louver and Elevated Temperature laboratories. These labs guarantee precision and allow Pottorff to quickly respond to new industry requirements. Air Purification Company is the Colorado and Wyoming distributor of Pottroff products. http://www.pottorff.com