• Moffat School, Moffat, CO

    This K-12 public school, with an enrollment of 160 students, was built in the early 1900s. A gymnasium addition, constructed in the 1960s was originally equipped with gas unit heaters that became increasingly noisy and inefficient. The decision to replace the aged heaters was triggered when unhealthy CO emission levels were detected near the gymnasium’s roof during a routine inspection. A new Solaronics gas infra-red heating system was specified and installed by Vendola Plumbing and Heating of Alamosa, CO.  The Solaronics heaters have maintained their preselected operating temperature range, quietly and efficiently beaming infrared energy that becomes warm, radiant heat as it reaches floors and people below – similar to the way the sun warms the earth. And even after the heaters cycle off, people remain comfortable because they retain heat longer.

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